About us

Here are writings from our century that have in mind the literature of all centuries. The name of this website has a dual meaning: in one sense it is the phrase Nietzsche used to describe eternity as a deep blue sky, free from the passing, ephemeral clouds of what human beings call “good” and “evil.” It is to view the world sub specie aeternitatis, under the aspect of eternity: to understand that all the current moaning and bickering and moral clamoring in the mob will fade, while the eternal cosmos, massive and merciless, can never fade, and is thus the better mentor.

In a different sense, it refers to the blue coats worn by soldiers in the Continental Army during the American Revolution and the Liberty Bell that came to symbolize their struggle for freedom in a world that otherwise was and is still besotted by petty tyrants who ruled through theological lies and the masochism of their subjects.

“To stand over everything as its own sky, as its round roof, its azure bell and eternal certainty: and happy is he who thus blesses!” – Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra, “Before Sunrise”

“Adieu. The Bell rings, and I must go among the Grave ones, and talk Politicks.” – Franklin, in a 1755 letter to Catherine Ray, the first mention of the Liberty Bell in history