The Wheels

By Liam Holbrook

“Dynamism of a Car” by Luigi Russolo, 1913

Flashing colors echo, break sound,
And taste like the infinite sky!

An expanding-all-ways wave where color
Fuses the one with the other; where

Incestuously they bind themselves to movement
When the sound breaks air

As wheels turn gently
On the asphalt seared.

As movement breaks under momentum’s gain
All bends, all bleeds and blends;

Concentric rubber circles turn and breed
A sight that can’t be seen,

The image shattered since vision’s broken,
And all is blinded by

The spectacle of flight
That made way on latex refined.

But are there ripples of infinity
In the echoes mechanical on stone?

Yes; the sound’s an image white where infinity is reflected
And asphalt is color where possibilities are endless.