Elegy to Musica Universalis

By Christian Mack "Hoarfrost" by Théodore Rousseau, 1845 The sky’s gone quiet— the angels are dead.Elysian fields a mass grave, ethereal.No longer do I hearheaven’s chiming.Glittering choir,Fill this silent night,for no barebeating heartcan fill the silence— a murmur in the expanse— My god, My godSuch silence…

Thomas Young’s Sermon on Natural Religion

Painting by Michel Sokolnicki based on a sketch by Tadeusz Kościuszko, famous Polish military engineer and volunteer in the Continental Army, entitled “Thomas Jefferson, a philosopher, a patriote, and a friend.” An essay on Thomas Young followed by four of his texts: A Sermon on Natural Religion Creed To the Inhabitants of Vermont. A Poem … Continue reading Thomas Young’s Sermon on Natural Religion